Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy independence from the British days.

Well, the 3rd busiest day of the summer has now gone by, finally. Canada Day, or as I always know it, Dominion Day was on Friday. All I can say is YAY. I was in the Grain Elevator, and it wasn't too bad. The engine died on me halfway through the day (I determined it was a dirty spark plug and I was right! yay me.) but otherwise everything went smoothly. 
Sunday was a weird day though. I just had strange customers, like the lady who insisted that the leg, storage bins and hopper area of the elevator were new because she didn't remember it from the last time she came to the Park, over 10 years ago. All I could reply without sounding snarky was "No ma'am... Those are the original storage bins..." Then she asked me if I had anything to do with some heritage site in Saskatoon which " is like Heritage Park, it's all outdoors, but it's all under one roof, it's smaller." Not entirely sure what she was talking about... She was just odd. And then there was the guy that was surprised when I told him that grain elevators stored grain up high. When people are surprised by the things I tell them, it's sometimes hard not to laugh, I must admit.
Today was a bit on the awful side of things. It started badly, when I got to my site and had a terrible migraine. Then I had to work and bake and such, while the migraine faded in and out. The Lead Hand I like the least is back today, in all her random insistence of control... She did rounds in the settlement when another LH had just done them... I don't understand her. 
Today was also the start of the Day Camps! This year we're trying out an overnight camp which has a story that leads them to search out the notorious El Guapo, a whiskey trader being chased by Constable Frappé. I am the town gossip, a role I'm rather enjoying.
Then off to take a filler shift at the pharmacy. No crazy stories there for once, everything was simple and steady.
Charming's car has broken down. When I say that, I mean the repairs to make it driveable would be worth more than the car. So, he's now searching for a new car, which I'm excited about because it means we get to go test driving! He also has expensive taste in cars, which means test driving Cadillacs, Infinitis, that sort of thing. 
I'll try to be more consistent about blogging, it's been an exhausting week.