Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Historically Inaccurate Amusments

I doubt I've mentioned it here, but I freaking love my jobs. Right now especially working at the Park. It's school tour time, which means that we get an insane amount of schoolkids in for about 3 or 4 hours, then the Park is dead. (we open at 10, and most of the kids have to leave for school by 130-2) That means that you can have a nice relaxing afternoon, or if you're in the Settlement (an area separated from most of the Park) you can sit with everyone else outside your site waiting for people to come by. Yesterday I was working in the cooking site down there, Livingston House, and everyone managed to come to the house on break at the same time. Not planned, it just happened. Then my two supervisors (called Lead Hands) walked in at the same time and I had about 6 people sitting in the room, all laughing and joking and just enjoying each other's company. I absolutely adore days like that. They just make everything worthwhile, all the annoying questions from the kids, the kids who don't listen to what you tell them, the adults who have to pick every corner of your brain. Right now I have a couple of fantastic bosses, one who is just filling in and the other who is essentially training the other. They're both around my age, so we all get along.
We have one story from one of my cowokers who filled in as an LH last year about our scheduler who is about 180 years old and sometimes freaking insane. She told my friend to sit at the desk because she needed a "soda cracker break." I shit you not, that's exactly what she said. She takes soda cracker breaks and stares at the break board because someone apparently always does it wrong (even though all sites are covered!) So she eats her soda crackers and blinks rapidly while staring at the board, trying to figure out what's wrong with it. Of course, she changes it, and no one is there to see the changes she makes, but it makes her happy, and you have to keep the old people happy, right?
There will certainly be more Park stories to follow, I'm simply too tired to put up some of the better ones today.

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