Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well, THAT'S not supposed to happen...

...was the mantra at work today. 
The day started with a group asking me "When does the Hospital open?" (meaning an exhibit) I was standing there, not in costume, but clearly carrying it with me, with a confused look on my face. I gave the best reply I could think of "Uh... All the exhibits open at 10..." Why one would open earlier than the others is beyond me.
I was in a cooking site today, making pinwheel cookies, which are basically chocolate and vanilla swirl cookies.

Like these. Credit
Anyways, you make them by making regular cookie dough, then halving it and adding melted chocolate to one half, then layering and rolling. (On a side note, I've FINALLY perfect the art of creaming butter for cookie dough without an electric beater. It involves a lot of elbow grease.) Note that you must melt the chocolate. I had a very nice saucepan that was entirely metal, but would work perfectly. I smartly covered my hands when touching the saucepan, and once it was melted, poured the chocolate on the dough and left it to talk for a minute or two.
This is where the trouble starts. I then put my hands in to mix the chocolate with the cookie dough, the chocolate still being boiling hot. I burned myself HARD on that damn chocolate. Right now, my pinky is still blistered. Anyways, I screamed and practically threw another interpreter out of my way in my attempt to get my finger in the pail of cold water in the corner (no taps, remember). Fortunately, this interpreter stayed in my site while I ran my finger under cold water for a bit. When I went looking for a band-aid, i discovered that my first aid kit was missing (a problem in and of itself) and didn't have one. I resorted to mixing with one hand (the chocolate had cooled) and holding the bowl with the other while my pinky was in cold water. Eventually some of the character interpreters (vignette actors) got me a band-aid, and things were generally well with my finger after that.
While I was dealing with my finger, a call went out on the radio (which the other interpreter happened to have since she was technically a tour guide today) to security that a dumpster was on fire near one of the houses. We're not talking a little smoke, this thing was in flames. No one's sure what happened, but we did call the fire department into the Park.
On less dangerous notes, there was a school group that was required to go to the Church and either sing or hear a song sung. Fortunately for my friend in the Church, they chose to sing. in perfect harmony. From memory. It was gorgeous.
I have a few school group stories that I'm planning on sharing, but that will have to wait for another day.

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