Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cooking in the family.

So today my family participated in a cooking class that my older sister bought us for Christmas. It was titled "French Farmhouse Cooking" and was a lot of fun. We essentially had 30 people at two tables working on two recipes that the entire class ate at the end. When you put my family in a kitchen, we are awesome. Dad got the cooking genes from his mother and bar-be-queing from his father. (Oma & Opa) Mom also loves to cook, and bakes quite a bit. My little sister and I love to bake, and my older sister has learned to like cooking since she lives on her own. (My older brother would have joined us, but he's currently living in Berlin.)
We had a fantastic time cooking, and met some really nice people. Half our group made Coquiles Saint Jacques and Chicken Bouillbaisse. Our half of the group made Salmon wrapped in puff pastry (I forget it's real name) and Apple tart with Creme Anglaise. I took over on the tart because that's what I do. I bake. Our instructor told us that cooking is inexact and baking is exact. I heartily disagree. Baking is exactish. When I'm baking at the Park, I follow the measurements when I can. Only one of the houses has exact measuring cups, so in the Livingston house I have to guesstimate, which is actually really fun. So today I ended up accidentally grabbing the wrong-sized measuring cups and faked it from there. It actually came out really nicely all the same.
All the food was incredibly delicious. It's worth getting a cooking class with friends, or going as a couple as a fun day out. I guess they can get expensive, but I think they're worth the money.
In other news, I'm watching the Golden Globes and Jim Parsons just won for best actor in a comedy. The Big Bang Theory is my favourite show in the world and I'm so happy he won!!!

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