Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A few things you'll need to know about my writing style:
Sometimes I miss properly capatalizing my words. "I" is the most common. Other times, I get lazy and don't feel like writing with proper grammar. Actually, that's a lie. Proper grammar is important. It's capitalizing that I get lazy about.
The Park: This is how I will refer to Heritage Park. Alternatively, Heritage or HP. (In other contexts, HP will also refer to Harry Potter)
This may or may not get updated occasionally as I think of things that need to be remembered.
Like right now. My family has four cars for four drivers, and three of them have names, and will be referred to as such. The Pontiac Montana, a red minivan is called Bruce. My parents tried to change it to Monty but I named the damn thing, and that's not changing. The standard, green Ford Focus is Manwell, as it is a manual. The automatic, red Ford Focus, is Robert, Rob, or Bob. (Robert Redford, get it?) Finally, the Honda has no name. It's just "The Honda".
And for those who will understand, I am a bit of a font Nazi - I HATE Times New Roman. Heilvetica ftw.
I type Canadian style, meaning there are extra 'u's in my words, and centre is RE. Also, deke (pronounced deek) means dodge.

Nicknames for the people around me:
Pharmacy Manager, PM: Basically my boss at the pharmacy. Really nice guy who's very understanding about things.
Old Skinny Chick, OSC: This 30-40 something who works front store. She's nice, but freakishly skinny.
Boyfriend: From now on, he will be known as Charming, because that was a nickname I had for him, since he's my Prince Charming.
Bro: This is my best friend, and yes we are bros. (This is allowed by the Bro Code as set forth by Barney Stinson; Article 134 allows wingwomen and the FAQs at the front permit women to be bros.)

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