Monday, January 17, 2011

TV shows, Music and Marzipan.

Today I watched more primetime TV than I'm normally used to. I often work evenings at the pharmacy, but House and Lie To Me are both on after I get home. So tonight i watched House, the new one where he meets Cuddy's mother. Pretty hilarious, honestly. And the patient was interesting, I do find that sometimes the writers get really bored and don't have as complicated diseases. After House was Lie To Me. One of my favourite shows, honestly, I just don't always have the time to watch it. Again, one of the more fascinating episodes I've ever seen. I would love to be a behavourial whatever those guys are, except that I don't really like psychology. 
On to music! I was enjoying some good Canadian classics in The Tragically Hip this morning, starting with Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park, which suddenly became the Daft Punk Tron: Legacy soundtrack. I was never aware of Daft Punk any more that the singles that came on the radio. I realized with TRON: Legacy that I really do enjoy electronica music. I wasn't sure - I've listened to my friends' Deadmau5, and I just don't like it... Maybe it's just the one artist. In any case, I'm going to give electronica and house music more oppourtunities - if anyone knows a good album/band/artist please let me know. 
I absolutely adore music, I just don't have the drive to study it, although I used to. (I took piano lessons for almost ten years and was in school bands for six.) I'm always keen to try listening to a new style or artist, but I'm also opinionated, so sometimes I just shut it down. Like Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber. I understand that many people really enjoy their music, and that it's a good style for the masses, I just prefer music that has real instruments and/or is a little different. THe canned stuff going on the radio all the time drives me crazy. Some of it I do enjoy, but much of it sounds the same. I honestly could not tell the difference between Bruno Mars and Justin Beiber for a couple singles. I'm a little bit of a snob that way. 
I found the last marzipan potatoe in the house today. I was so happy. If you don't know what marzipan is, it's essentially an almond paste that is sugared and shaped or covered in chocolate. I really really really love marzipan. I think it's fantastic. If you haven't experienced it,  suggest finding your local German food shop (in Calgary the best place to go is Edelweiss Deli) and looking in the candy section.
I really love all my classes at school, but sometimes I get so bored... for example, my Greek and Roman Studies class. The class is called "Classical Mythology and Literature." I know a lot of people would find that really boring, but it's a very interesting subject. My prof is just very very dull. I nearly fell asleep twice. It's always so sad when a fascinating subject is spoken about by a poor speaker...
My history class is currently discussing the Mongol Empire. I never thought I'd be as interested as I am! My concentration for my degree is European history, as much as I can from 1850 to 1950; imagine my surprise at being almost too interested to write notes today. The prof really does make a difference. If the prof likes what they're talking about, it makes a huge difference for the class.
In other school-related news, I'm officially going to be Stage Managing a show for the "taking flight" shows, which are directed entirely by students who are graduating either this year or next, i'm not sure which... Anyways, I'm really excited. I used to act, and even studied it for a little while, but I couldn't handle some of the work expected of me. I eventually tried my hand at stage management, and i really like it. I may get back into acting in the near future, but right now I"m happy calling the shots backstage. For those of you that don't know, the stage manager is basically second only to the director in regards to a specific show. They dictate when breaks are taken, how long they are, who needs to be where at what time, the deadlines that need to be met and basically organize everything. When the show goes up (begins) they "call" the show meaning they tell the technicians when to change to which lighting or sound cue at which point. It's a really really enjoyable job, more so than I thought it would be.

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