Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No ma'am. Apples are not like bread AT ALL.

People, when you want something from the pharmacy, please try not to assume you can use any word and it will mean the same thing to me.
For example, I was filling a delivery order for a client who is very demanding and irritating. This particular day she didn't want any of her medications, just front store items. A few things from the list:
2 boxes of Cracker Jacks, but if we didn't have Cracker Jacks she wants only one bag of Poppycock. 
40 rubber gloves.
3 packs of 10 stamps. 
And a few other items that I've forgotten. They weren't important anyways.
This client goes through stamps like she freaking eats them. I swear, she calls almost every week asking for 3 packs of 10 stamps. Who the hell is she writing that she uses 30 stamps every 10 or so days?? And they're not cent stamps - these are the permanent ones that you can use within Canada that don't need a price on them. 
As far as the Cracker Jacks go, she's not immobilized. Go buy your own damn Cracker Jacks, you lazy woman.
And thus, we come to the gloves. Oh the gloves. Here's the thing; when someone tells me they want rubber gloves, I assume they want rubber gloves. As in, dishwashing gloves. I've made this mistake with this woman before, and when I called her she told me that we "open a box of 100 and give her 40 of them." The only problem with that is we don't have rubber gloves in the store, let alone in boxes of 100! This time around however, I decided to call my Pharmacy Manager, who knows all the regular clients like this woman. He informs me that she doesn't want rubber gloves - she wants VINYL. Cause yeah, vinyl is EXACTLY like rubber. WTF, honestly. So, I have to open a box of 100 gloves in order to count out 40 for her. I am never ever ever forgetting that key point.
Fucking vinyl.
Anyways. This woman also has a charge account at our store. For loyal customers, we offer accounts similar to credit cards so that they can get things delivered, or pay if they don't have ready money. Most charge accounts are from 50-100$. This particular client's account is 50$. Imagine my surprise the first time I charged to her account - it was charged with nearly 1000$!! I couldn't understand why she had been allowed to go so high. The answer to that is that my PM is a total pushover - or used to be. He decided a while ago that she wasn't allowed to charge anything until she paid off at least MOST of her bill. Which she did, surprisingly. Most of it, in any case. When I finally got to charging her stuff the other day it ended up totalling her account to about 300$. She'd come in the day before and paid off a little more (which makes me wonder as to why she didn't just do her shopping when she was there, but then I'm just a lowly tech would doesn't understand the great minds of my clients.) which she has been periodically doing since the ultimatum was given. I figure she'll pay it all off one day, then call in the next to charge 200$ worth of stuff.
The moral of the story is, if you know what you want, ask for it specifically. If i don't have the exact product, I will give you something similar. If I have no fucking clue what you are asking for, or if you're asking for something I KNOW we don't carry, I'm either going to ignore the request or send you the random thing that might possibly be what you were asking for.

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