Thursday, January 13, 2011

Superman, Super Awesome.

Although I am a self proclaimed geek, I am rather ashamed to admit that until tonight I have never watched Superman. Shocking, I know. I've watched the more recent geeky movies, all the Star Trek movies and all the Star Wars, albeit I block out memories of a few episodes of the latter.
In any case, my boyfriend decided tonight that he would show me the original Superman movies and my god, how have I gone through life never watching them?? When I used to watch movies with my family (Friday or Saturday ritual; the opposite night was family game night) I had to generally watch things we would all agree on. My mother and sister tend to like romantic movies, where my dad and I liked action. Sis, Dad and I like sports movies, where Mom likes... more alternative styles. Example, The Bicycle. Essentially, two Chinese men are fighting over ownership of a bicycle. One ends up killing a third man over it. That's all I remember, because the rest was so damn boring and confusing. Or, The Hanging Garden. It sounds like something interesting, maybe the main character is disabled, but finds solace in tending their hanging garden. Nope. Dude hangs himself in the garden. Pleasant.
Anyways, Superman. I have fallen completely in love with him. And with Clark Kent. But mostly Clark Kent. He's like an adorable little lost puppy, and he just makes me giggle. Superman is awesome too, because he Superman mo' fo. (can I save grace and say I was using that ironically? I'm going with that.) My boyfriend is a fan of Batman, but I think I'm a firm Superman lover. Sorry dear. That's just the way it is. 

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