Friday, January 21, 2011

North by Northwest

Sorry it's been a few days - there's been a massive weather change in Calgary and it's been giving me awful migraines. I definitely have had some stories to tell and things to rant about, but I've forgotten a few, so I'll do my best.
I'm in a film studies class, and we spend one half of our class time watching movies. Some woman yesterday decided that instead of watching the movie she's paying 800$ for, she would instead pull out her phone and text/check Facebook for over two hours. My best friend was sitting next to me, between me and her, otherwise I would have flipped on her. Honestly, why are you paying for this class if you're not going to bother to pay attention during it?! Once we finished the movie, we had our lecture section where we analysed the movie in context of our new chapter. This same woman decided that instead of taking notes, she would fill out her application for a University of Calgary Mastercard. So, no big deal, she'll just waste her time, take up a spot for someone who might actually WANT to be in class...
Speaking of Film class, my prof really understand how to speak... She will be continuing on her sentence, rambling about *takes drink of water* fireplaces are warm. I don't understand her trains of thought...
Speaking of rants...
Justin Bieber. I don't like Biebs. At all. Whatsoever. I just watched a Proactiv commercial where he says, "There's a few things you can't change as a teenager. Your feet get bigger, can't change that, your hormones go crazy, I don't wanna stop that!" I think my ears burst into flame. I just have no words for how awful that sounded... Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.
In Film we watched Hitchcock's North by Northwest, which I fell completely in love with. So far I've really enjoyed the movies we've been watching, both of them. :P Run Lola Run or in the original German, Lola Rennt. It's a very interesting film if anyone likes foreign films. North by Northwest is really fantastic. Lots of great plot twists and just a whole lot of fantastic all around. I'm sure I'll eventually get bored of the movies, but right now I'm enjoying them.
I might find other topics to discuss later today. We shall see!

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