Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well, hello. It seems you've stumbled onto a new section of the internet - my blog. I'm going by "Historically Crazy" as I am a history buff, and well, I'm a bit weird/crazy. It's likely that the first people to check this blog will be my friends, but for the total strangers out there, I'll attempt to change names, etc.
To start off, I'll explain why I am choosing to begin this blog. According to my boyfriend "lots of hot girls have blogs" and therefore I should have one too. How sweet. (For the record, we're that couple that makes single people want to puke we're so adorable. Sometimes I want to puke too.) In any case, I live in the middle of the Canadian prairies and the Canadian Rockies. Why is Rockies capitalized, you ask? I guess it's a noun? I dunno. As mentioned above, I'm a little crazy.
I'm currently studying for my Bachelor's in History with a concentration on Europe. I work two jobs in order to support my future career as an EI collector. I'm a pharmacy technician at a community pharmacy and an interpreter at Calgary's Heritage Park. The latter job description consists of me dressing up in costumes of the late 1800s-early 1900s and talking about buildings and life in Calgary in those times. That's seasonal though, so there will be more posts about the Park in spring/summer.
For the record, I am a natural blonde. No I'm not saying that when I'm actually brunette. No I don't dye at all. No I'm not an airhead. Although I do have "blonde moments" of forgetfulness, or sometimes I'll say something that makes me sound really dumb. I'm usually a very intelligent person... At least that's what my parents tell me.
Speaking of blonde moments, here's a good story from just the other day at the pharmacy. A woman had called in, asking to get her prescriptions refilled. Her last name isn't common, but most of her family gets their prescriptions at my pharmacy, so I knew the name, and even how to spell it. Let's say her first name was Kaitlyn. With a K. I, unknowingly, was searching for Caitlyn - with a C. Since I wasn't finding her file, I asked for her birthdate. This is common when we think we're misspelling a name, or we can't understand the client. She gives me her birth date and... nothing. Not a single person in the computer has that date of birth. (which is weird in and of itself) She lives close, so she says she'll come down and shop anyways, and I tell her I'll look around for her file. Finally, I decided to spell her last name in full, hoping I can find it. And voila - there is Kaitlyn, with a K. By this time, she had a arrived, and was really nice about the whole thing.
The stupid thing is, I noticed a note on her file from another tech saying that her PHN (Personal Health Number, the number everyone in Alberta has on their Health Card) has her birth date listed differently. This note is from May 2010. NO ONE of the 15 or so employees (techs and pharmacists alike) thought to actually ask her about this - we they have a bad habit of assuming. (I try not to assume, if a note hasn't been cleared, I tend to ask anyways.) Anyways, it turns out that the DOB we have listed is her pig's. WTF people. Why. Just... Why.
This will conclude the first post I think. If something comes to me later tonight, I might post another.

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